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A Pakistan blogger’s letter to the Indian people

Cross-border communication

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

KO at Off Road Pakistan, one of the doyens of the Pakistani blogosphere, replies to Chanakya.

In Pakistan, we have a slightly different democratic system from India, where you have the worlds biggest elections. You guys go to great lengths making sure everybody gets the chance to vote, wasting time and money sending voting machines on elephants and what not, while we have greatly streamlined the process. You see, Musharraf tells us he embodies the people’s desires, and so when he votes its the same as the whole country voting, so our process is much faster and terribly efficient. We hear that Bush is really envious of our system and has been asking Musharraf tips about the next US election.

It’s just as sad listening to Muslims dredging up past glories as it is listening to Indian/Pakistani celebrities finding out after a lifetime that they love their neighbouring country. Does that mean they hated/disliked each other up till now? Really? If so, why? Over the years our leaders have waged war and then taken halting steps to peace only to quickly run back to the safety in jingoism which their mediocrity demands, using hatred and fear for easy political gains. I have been watching this whole process from the sidelines for many years, wondering when the whole madness will end. [KO]

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