Some of my ideas

Archimedes did not have a smartphone.

Here are ten that came to my mind when I thought I should share some of my original ideas. Presented in no particular order.



The word I coined for the feeling you get the moment you realise what you thought was your brilliant original idea was already expressed by some smart person (usually Mark Twain) in the past. If Archimedes had a twainism he would jump right back into the tub after banging his head against the wall. I am awaiting the moment when I find out that Mark Twain had already coined a word for the same feeling.

Afaik the ideas are original.

I have written about these ideas in on my blog, in my columns, journal papers and book chapters. Each link takes you to an indicative article, not necessarily the first, the latest or the most authoritative. You will find more thoughts-in-progress in the Notes section.

It is easier to start networked than to network an existing organisation.

I had argued this in 2009-10. Since then China’s actions have driven India onto the United States’ side.

India has moved in this direction since I first argued this in 2009. Not enough though.

This is India’s biggest policy challenge: no one acknowledges its scale

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