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How to choose a National Security Advisor
Some basic principles in the design of the national security advisor's office and eco-system | 14th Jul 2024

Fixing entrance exams won’t suffice - higher education needs radical reform
Upgrade universities across the states, massively expand the number of seats and reduce the salience of entrance exams | 1st Jul 2024

India needs 20 million jobs per year
The 2024 election has brought the case for mass employment to the surface of the political discourse | 17th Jun 2024

Carbon emissions of war put humanity’s right to exist at risk
In the face of the climate crisis, war is no longer only a moral crime against humanity. It is a material one against the survival of the species. | 20th May 2024

The constituents of America’s strength are under severe strain
The United States stands to lose global influence if it continues on the current trajectory | 6th May 2024

There are costs and risks to an amazing missile defence shield
Technology creates time and space for politics; it does not substitute it. | 19th Apr 2024

To address the water crisis, India must price water
Water conservation requires multi-dimensional action -- but only pricing will create strong incentives for it | 8th Apr 2024

India cannot afford Piketty’s prescriptions
India should not be distracted from pursuing a sustainable high-growth path | 7th Apr 2024

The West’s disregard for global norms is endangering the world
Why should the rest of the world trust the West on climate and other global issues? | 25th Mar 2024

Power flows from the pins of microchips
Taking a step back to understand why national security types are concerning themselves with semiconductors | 11th Mar 2024

Hyperdiversity hardens Papua New Guinea’s challenges
Unless hyperdiverse societies develop a sense of higher-level imagined communities, they will underprovide even the most basic public goods. | 26th Feb 2024

Science fiction must escape the dystopia it has trapped itself in
We create the future we imagine: so it is important to imagine the future we wish to create. | 12th Feb 2024

Narrative Dominance, Information Warfare and the Freedom to Think
This policy brief offers a framework to analyse information warfare and underlines the importance of cognitive security | 1st Feb 2024

Why public places in India deteriorate over time
The missing sense of community is the underlying cause of many public problems | 29th Jan 2024

A nation is forged around dinner parties
Communal dining is the easiest pathway towards breaking age-old identity barriers that prevent the buildup of social capital. | 15th Jan 2024

Social capital is the fuel that Indian entrepreneurs require
Credit flows remain constrained by boundaries of caste and community. Public policy must address this problem. | 18th Dec 2023

2023 - The Year in Fiction
A rated list of 36 books I read and a further 41 that I opened. | 12th Dec 2023

When I tried to kill Mark Twain
A short story | 5th Dec 2023

Environmental goals are difficult to achieve without social capital
Getting international agreement on climate issues is the easy part; the difficult bit is getting hyperdiverse societies to cooperate at the everyday level. | 4th Dec 2023

The United States will continue to try to contain China’s technological progress
The Xi-Biden meeting in San Francisco did not achieve much, but showed Beijing's vulnerabilities in the geopolitics of high technology. | 19th Nov 2023

Leave firecracker policies to the state and local governments
A national ban on firecrackers is not necessary | 11th Nov 2023

The negative externalities of the war in West Asia
The effectiveness of mass terrorism, the acceptance of collective punishment and the West's loss of credibility will cast a long shadow on the 21st century. | 6th Nov 2023

A techno-optimist rejoinder to Marc Andreessen’s manifesto
We believe that the steering wheel is more important than the accelerator | 23rd Oct 2023

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