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Pakistan’s own Comical Ali

Not so funny, Mr Jilani

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They are delusional, there at Pakistan’s foreign office.

Pakistan says that it has no evidence that the suspected British suicide bombers that are being held responsible for last week’s London bombings, visited Pakistan in the recent past. These terrorists, though British citizens, are of Pakistan origin.

We have no knowledge that they came to Pakistan and no evidence has been shared with us to suggest that they recently travelled to Pakistan”, Jalil Abbas Jilani, spokesman at the Foreign Office told the weekly press briefing. [The News]

Officials in Pakistan have confirmed that one of the men who carried out last week’s bomb attacks in London had previously visited Pakistan.

They say (Shehzad Tanweer) visited Pakistan twice, spending a total of four months there. His entries were tracked by a system called Pisces in which everyone who comes into Pakistan legally, via any port of entry, is photographed.

On Wednesday Tanweer’s uncle said he had been to Pakistan and attended an Islamic school, or madrassa. [’BBC]But those expecting the phrase totally baseless were disappointed this time.

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