August 2, 2005Economy

Sugar please. Where’s the beef?

What’s that in my chai?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

In the end, the laws of economics forced common sense to prevail, leaving a sweet taste in many Pakistani mouths.

Pakistan will lift a four-year ban on sugar imports from its old rival India, government officials said on Monday, as it struggles to rein in domestic prices of the sweetener to cushion the impact of high inflation.

Government officials in New Delhi welcomed the move and Indian traders said they would be able to supply sugar at competitive prices.

Pakistan’s attempts to check sugar prices that reached a four-year high in February have been thwarted by low rainfall, which is set to trim its crop by at least a fifth. Imports from other countries haven’t been enough to make up the shortfall. [DT]Now, India should not deny them a chance to enjoy the beef.

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