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Sunday Levity: The Best Brickbats

Endorsements that won’t make it to the back cover

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

In my opinion, the most stylist brickbat that The Acorn has ever received is this one, in response to a post on the dangers posed by Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an Islamic extremist organisation that is now banned by the British government.

Your dilettantish efforts at intellectualising are true examples of your brainless subjugation to the shallow thoughts of a decadent society. — Abdul Rahman

He and another Hizb supporter demonstrated a witty condescension in that discussion.

On another note, a Pakistani reader agreed that hunting of endangered birds is wrong, but that outsiders’ had no right to condemn his country.

Why do you people poke your nose into the internal matters of a country? Whatever we do with our guests, who are you to speak? We have great respect, honour and show hospitality for our dear Muslim Brothers. If they want to come and hunt so what? — Imran A Abbasi (ed)

A Nepalese reader had similar feelings, and wrote this in response to an article on King Gyanendra’s games.

What the hell you are writing about nepal? It seems as though you are the father of democracy — Prem (ed)

An Indian reader had this to say about a post on India’s new national security advisor.

This article is a load of bollocks. — Sujit

The Acorn’s advice to Sri Sri Ravishankar suggesting that keeping spirituality out of realpolitik is a good way to go, evoked this response from one of his followers.

So instead of theorizing and being an intellectual, just do the (Art of Living) course. You will be plentifully blessed. — Ajit Navaraj

But the brickbats received for criticising Arundhati Roy’s various self-publicising capers stand out in a class of their own.

It is so interesting to read another of your flacid attacks on Arundhati Roy. You have outdone yourself by simply leaving a quote which has, in essence, nothing to do with what she said. — Donald Veach

Educate yourselves, it could change the way you look at things.

I can’t believe there are still people who think like you, Roy is a great activist and writer who is fighting the injustices of Capitalism. She doesn’t write about fiction, she writes about the reality of her people and the exploitation of third world countries. Your comments only show your ignorance on this issue. — Liliana Paz (ed)

Who is The Acorn”? I imagine one puny little person, pontificating behind a huge computer. How dare you take on Roy without having read The God of Small Things”. Do you always jump head first into topics without having a mastery of them? — Said Gretzinger

I find that last one particularly amusing, especially when I access the internet using my handheld computer on the subway, where I have a good view of the top of most people’s heads.

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