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Sunday Levity: Of Right hand men and UAVs

The FATWATs new reminders

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

There was a time in Pakistan when high-level al-Qaeda operatives, even Osama bin Laden’s right hand men, used to be produced around the time when Gen Musharraf visited Washington, or when some American officials visited Pakistan. After a while almost everyone began to see through that act.

Although the story got lost somewhere in the mess the General got himself into over his treatment of rape victims, this time the Pakistani military made a show of a Chinese-made unmanned aerial vehicle that they had captured in Waziristan. Al-Qaeda, the story went, was using high-technology gadgets to spy on American troops in Afghanistan.

Well, not quite. Head over to Reality Cafe and find out how a $55 dollar toy plane (China made as almost all toys are) became an exhibit in Musharraf’s continued status as a FATWAT .

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