September 25, 2005Economy

Cool professionals, not professional coolies

A new job is a better solution than union”

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

After more than a year of trying, Union Network International managed to convince only about 500 BPO workers to sign up. An overwhelming majority of the hundreds of thousands who work in the outsourcing sector had little time for trade unionists who obviously do not realise the absurdity of trying to cast young upwardly mobile professionals as cyber coolies’.

I know these young people have a negative image about unions,” says Narayan Ram Hegde of Union Network International, a global alliance of 900 unions. But these professionals are more like cyber coolies,” he said. We hope we will be able to convince them over time.” [AP]

As The Acorn has noted elsewhere, cyber coolies’, the term trade unionists and leftist types use condescendingly to describe outsourcing professionals only reveals their contempt for the dignity of labour. And for those claiming to represent the cause of labour that is already a major disqualification.

As for complaints about working conditions, Ruchinder Singh, who works in the southern city of Hyderabad for GE Capital International said he can take them straight to his company’s chief executive.

“When my CEO will listen to what I have to say, then why do I need union?” asked Singh, who helps customers around the world use specialized software programs. [AP]

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