October 13, 2005Security

Indian troops help Pakistan soldiers rebuild their bunkers!


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Is the Indian Army overdoing it?

India is sending relief supplies and helping the Pakistani authorities in their own relief effort. This is precisely the right thing to do.

But why are Indian soldiers crossing the Line of Control and helping their Pakistani counterparts rebuild their bunkers? Now that’s carrying it a bit too far.

Today, a group of 10 Pak soldiers appeared on the curve, where once the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road took a left turn towards Chakoti, and asked for help. ‘‘Then our jawans crossed over (the LoC) and helped them reconstruct their bunker,’’ Col Hemant Joneja of Army’s 15 Corps confirmed to the Indian Express. [IE]

And the Pakistani army HQ has thanked them for their effort in the following manner.

A Pakistani army spokesman told the BBC that reports of Indian troops helping Pakistani troops rebuild their bunkers were unimaginable” and purely fabricated”.

None of our bunkers on the [Line of Control] were destroyed by the earthquake so there is no possibility that Indian troops have helped Pakistani troops. This is pure fabrication,” Major General Shaukat Sultan insisted.

But the Indian army is standing by its account, the Reuters news agency reports. [BBC]

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