October 18, 2005Foreign Affairs

Deconstructing the obvious sensitivities

A well-composed editorial in the Daily Times

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

It’s a good one, and reflects much of the opinions expressed on The Acorn in the days since the quake. It asks - Can India and Pakistan forget the past?

The phrase “obvious sensitivities” should be deconstructed. It can mean that the people of Kashmir on the Pakistani side may feel outraged that the same troops who kill their fellow-Kashmiris on the other side of the LoC should be rescuing their families. But this scenario looks more dramatic than it actually is. As it is, their families are being pulled out of the fallen debris by foreign crew and being operated upon by foreign doctors. In this moment of calamity it is no longer human to intrude one’s political reflexes of demonisation; what has happened has defeated all indoctrination and it no longer pays to ignore the pain of the stricken population simply to save a bit of Pakistani textbook nationalism from being destroyed by reality. [DT]

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