November 1, 2005Security

Chief Justice Lahoti’s parting remarks

India needs to summon political will to defeat terrorism

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And this one comes from the apex of India’s judicial system — India’s legislators have failed to cut through the dense fog of political expediency and create the framework for the state to defeat terrorism.

“Has anyone thought why there has not been a single instance of terror in USA post-9/11 unlike India where such attacks occur almost every day? The difference lies in the desire to study the problem scientifically and take remedial measures,” Justice Lahoti said.

“We do not have the political will to fight terrorism”, he said underlining the need for new legislation. “When new challenges come, new solutions also have to found. Terrorism is a gift of the last century…Terrorist acts require an altogether new type of investigation. It (terrorism) requires new laws and new methodologies. A study should be conducted to identify the causes and suggest remedies. But there is no serious study in our country,” he said. [IE]He didn’t quite say it, but there is much that the executive branch of government can do to fight terrorism even under existing laws. That needs political will too. If it had even a miniscule bit of political will to tackle terrorism, the Manmohan Singh-Sonia Gandhi government would have used the terrorist attacks on New Delhi to set aside that travesty called the Common Minimum Programme and take the fight to the terrorists. It is unlikely to do so. And that’s a tragedy too.

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