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Why the New York Times needs to get a better reporter

Vijay Dandapani’s letter to the editor

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Regrettably, the coverage of events on the Indian sub-continent by your correspondent, Ms. Somini Sengupta has been lacking in both facts and objectivity. Ms. Sengupta has in the past referred to the Indian Prime Minister as the Indian head of state. The Indian constitution designates the president, currently Mr. Abdul Kalam, as the head of state. The prime minister is the head of government.

Latterly, her reporting on the earthquake that devastated Kashmir and the latest terrorist blast in New Delhi suffers from an artificial and necessarily false sense of balance between India and Pakistan. For example, today’s report refers to a “host of armed insurgencies” facing India. The reality is that other than the Islamic terrorists based in Pakistani Kashmir, none of the other alleged insurgencies has ever murdered civilians, indiscriminately, outside their immediate areas of operation. Ms. Sengupta’s report would have readers believe that anyone of a number of groups could be responsible for the latest heinous attack in Delhi. While the Indian authorities have not as yet identified the perpetrators, a Kashmiri terrorist organization has already claimed responsibility.


Vijay Dandapani

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