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Here’s your chance, Gen Musharraf

Evidently, Musharraf wants to help. India should take him up on his offer

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

So Gen Musharraf has promised unequivocal support for investigation’ into last week’s bomb blasts in New Delhi, and if there is evidence of involvement of Pakistani nationals, he would take action against those found responsible’. The promise makes nice headlines, but it is anyone’s guess what kind of evidence’ would satisfy the General.

The Indian government has chosen to complete its investigations before engaging in further discussions with the General. But it need not wait for the outcome of those investigations to take Musharraf on his word. Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Jammu & Kashmir today, killing six and injuring 18 others. Since that organisation has already owned up to its act, claiming that the bomber came from Rawalakot in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, perhaps the good General could let actions match his words.

In actual fact, even before today’s suicide-attack, Musharraf had plenty of opportunities to take action against those found responsible’. One reason India set aside its longstanding demand that Pakistan hand over terrorists wanted in India was to allow the peace process to take off. That approach would have been meaningful if jihadi terrorism had ceased. It hasn’t. Pakistan has called upon India not to allow recent terrorist attacks to damage the peace process. India, in its turn, must now renew its call for Pakistan to act against the likes of Dawood Ibrahim and his bunch — wanted in the 1992 Bombay serial bombings — against who there is plenty of evidence. Or Masood Azhar, who was sprung from and Indian prison, and against whom evidence may not be hard to come by. The list goes on.

Let’s see them, General.

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