November 2, 2005Security

The Indian Express finds its cojones


This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

It took an attack on New Delhi for the Indian Express to say this. For the writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

General Pervez Musharraf has promised India all help in tracking down the culprits — a cyclostyled resolve that is reissued each time there is a Islamist outrage anywhere on the planet — and the Lashkar-e-Toiba has been nudged into a press statement that says, ‘‘We didn’t do it.’’ This mix of dissimulation and deception has outlived its utility…

The Delhi bombings were not isolated incidents. Despite the October 8 earthquake, the killings continue in the Valley. On Wednesday, a car bomb went off in Srinagar. Across the LoC, a United States helicopter carrying relief material was fired upon. All this can’t be explained away with impotent reasoning like: ‘‘It shows the terrorists’ desperation.’’ The question is: what is Musharraf doing about it? On January 12, 2002, a month after the Parliament attack, he famously vowed to dismantle the terror infrastructure, reform madrassas, drive out foreign jihadis. He’s dined out on that one speech for four years — but done precisely nothing. When confronted on specifics, he’s retorted with one specious point about Kashmir or another, the latest being his alleged success at making the ‘‘LoC irrelevant’’.

It is not the LoC that is irrelevant; it is the LoC excuse that is irrelevant. Exterminating the base camps of terrorism and allowing greater linkages between the two Kashmirs are entirely separate issues. In attempting to confuse them, Pakistan’s president cheats the global community. In the end, Musharraf is not going to be judged by what he says on PTV or how he responds to Indian initiatives on the LoC. His test lies in the LeT-run jihadist terror school just outside Lahore. Can the man who invaded Kargil please show the courage to lead his troops into Mudrike? If not, should the world do his job for him? [IE]

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