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How to politicise cricket to save it from being politicised

Ask the Communists

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They want to defend Indian cricket from politicisation and parochialism. The Communist Party of India and its leaders from West Bengal are the unlikely defenders.

Leftists in West Bengal on Thursday took up cudgels against the axing of Sourav Ganguly from the Indian team for the third Test against Sri Lanka, with CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta sending a protest letter to BCCI chief Sharad Pawar urging him to protect Indian cricket from politics. [IE]

And there is more. The Communist Party of India also actually defends the use of merit’ as a basis for selection.

In his letter to Pawar, Dasgupta claimed that Ganguly’s exclusion was not on merit’, but on some other considerations that has influenced the decision of the Selection Committee’.

If the Selection Committee does not function on merit, the future of Indian cricket will be bleak,” he said. [IE]Why only cricket, Mr Dasgupta?

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