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Weekday Squib: My daughter will make me a leftist!

Luckily appropriate counter-measures are already in place

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Tyler Cowen cites a British study the results of which, to say the least, are alarming.

Parents of daughters are more likely to be left-wing, whatever the feminists claim: Fathers will do anything for their little princesses. They turn a blind eye as the house becomes a palace of pink fluff. Later on they play a pivotal role in their daughters’ social development — that of chauffeur.

Dads will even, we learnt this week, shift political allegiance for their daughters. Andrew Oswald, from Warwick University, and Nattavudh Powdthavee, of the Institute of Education at London University, have discovered that how parents vote is linked to the gender of their children. The more daughters there are in a household, the more likely the parents are to vote Labour or Liberal Democrat. In an unpublished paper that has been submitted to an economics journal, the pair declare: “This paper provides evidence that daughters make people more left wing. Having sons, by contrast, makes them more right wing.” The academics go on to speculate that left-wing families become so through a predominance of females down successive generations. [The Times]Pink was never what we preferred for the Little Fairy, and in numerous policy debates with The Decision Maker, this blogger advocated brighter shades of red, green and orange as desirable colours for little girls. White too. And her room has a flourescent green wall.

I guess we’ll just fight it out.

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