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We know it’s RAW, but…

If it believes India is supporting the Baloch insurgents, Pakistan must internationalise’ the issue

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

It didn’t take much for Gen Musharraf to say it. The Indian foreign ministry had only to mention Balochistan and Musharraf responded with a thinly disguised insinuation that he knew who is financing and supplying weapons to the irritants”. Soon on his heels Jam Yousaf of Lasbella, the provincial chief minister, repeated his charge that the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s foreign intelligence agency, was bankrolling as many as 40 terrorist’ training camps in Balochistan. Many people, both in Pakistan and India, would like to believe that the General and the Jam are right.

Surely, these are grave charges. It should follow then, that Pakistan will take up the matter of India’s support for terrorists both in bilateral talks as well as with the international community. Take it to the United Nations, perhaps? And since terrorists in involved, and Pakistan is a FATWAT, it ought to bring this to the United States’ attention. Isn’t India doing exactly this with respect to Pakistan’s support for terrorism in Kashmir? If it is serious about its allegations, Pakistan should too.

But chances are, it won’t. Gen Musharraf does not really want the international community to take a greater interest in Balochistan does he? Even as Pakistan’s newspapers rush to publish their president’s conspiracy theories, they would do well to ask what his government intends to do about them.

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