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Sunday Levity: He’s called John Kerry

The fine art of qualification

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

“I support a nuclear deal with India, in principle. There is a strong democracy in India and they abide by the principles of non-proliferation,” [Sen. John Kerry] said, adding, “I hope things with Pakistan are moving in the right direction and Pakistan too is given equal treatment, if it meets certain standards.” [DT/ emphasis added]

This led Pakistan’s Daily Times to announce Kerry for equality between India, Pakistan”. The Indian press was more cautious. Kerry cautiously backs N-deal”, the Times of India wrote, while the Indian Express reported Kerry meets PM, positive on Indo-US civilian N-ties”. Only The Statesman helped un-equivocate Kerry. Pro-India Kerry backs nuke deal”, it boldly told its readers.

The BBC, that well-known exponent of inverted-comma-scepticism (that’s single-quote-scepticism, in the American usage), did get it right this time. Kerry backs’ India nuclear deal”, it said.

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