June 30, 2006Foreign Affairs

Pakistan’s F-16s go under the radar

This time it’s for real?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

In India, the passage of the India-US nuclear accord is being watched (by those who care about such things) with the nailbiting intensity that usually accompanies a good cricket match. Halfway across the world, the non-proliferation community in the United States is wringing its hands. While most eyes are on the nuclear deal, the Bush administration has notified Congress of its intention to allow the sale of 36 F-16s (yes, those F-16s) to Pakistan. The US$5 billion deal includes 18 new and 18 used aircraft, as well as the upgrade of 34 aircraft from Pakistan’s existing fleet.

The deal will go through if Congress does not reject this less than 30 days. The deal is flying so much under the radar that it may not even be noticed.

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