July 17, 2006Security

The last thing that Mumbai needs now

Is an anti-terrorism political rally featuring Narendra Modi

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Nothing demonstrates the BJPs political and ideological bankruptcy than its decision to field Narendra Modi as its anti-terrorism mascot. Not just a decorative, passive mascot, but one which will address an anti-terrorism rally in Mumbai. The very fact that the BJP thinks it is wise, helpful and in the interests of anti-terrorism to hold an anti-terrorism rally so soon after the Mumbai attacks shows demonstrates its hollowness of its claims to be tough on national security. Let there be no doubt—if, as a result of this rally or its mascot, there is an outbreak of communal violence of any kind, the BJP as a whole cannot escape responsibility. By playing into the hands of those who carried out the attack on Mumbai, it will only help them achieve their objectives.

This is not about Modi’s involvement or lack thereof in crimes old, but his potential to set off crimes all new.

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