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Kenyan coincidence (2)

An act of propitiation?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Praveen Swami has an excellent background on Abdul Rahim Tunda. And has this to say on the timing of Tunda’s arrest:

Just what (Abdul Karim Tunda) was doing in Mombassa, though, remains unclear. Some believe he was betrayed by Pakistan’s covert services; a sacrifice to still Indian anger in the wake of the serial bombings of India. Others believe he was engaged in exploring new fundraising and infrastructure opportunities offered by the mafia. Dawood Ibrahim’s brother, Anees Ibrahim Kaskar, is known to have had extensive investments in Mombassa, both in legitimate businesses and for running narcotics.

What Karim will tell his interrogators in the days and weeks to come will provide India with its first glimpses into the highest levels of Lashkar decision-making: into the strategic intentions that underpin its ongoing bombing offensive, its links with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, and the real reach of its networks in India. That his arrest will mark a blow to the Lashkar from which it will prove unable to recover, though, is profoundly unlikely. [The Hindu]

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