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Friday Squib: New Delhi Times

Funnier than the monkey

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A Pakistani delegation, part of a larger South Asian one, is visiting India to investigate human rights violations. Police search their rooms and luggage. Diplomats cite Vienna convention to Delhi Police. Yes, Delhi Police! Cops continue, citing security is more important than conventions’. The Prime Minister of India apologises to the Chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Jaswant Singh, who used to be a well-regarded member of the NDA government, takes a page out of Veronica Louise Ciccone’s book. His next book may well be called Main Bhi Madonna. A mole in P V Narasimha Rao’s cabinet in the early 1990s grabs attention, beating present day officials who use flash-drives to siphon off national secrets, or hard-disks that disappear from Army headquarters, or satellite-phones that are procured by forging the National Security Advisor’s signature.

An inquiry led by former Chief Justice of India, R S Pathak, finds that the Congress party was not a non-contractual beneficiary in the Iraq oil-for-food scam. Former foreign minister Natwar Singh, though, was. But his son can’t even wear a T-shirt which says My dad made millions from Saddam Hussein and all I got was this lousy Mercedes”.

Two Air Sahara stewardesses and their friend want to meet the Prime Minister of India. Ordinary citizens, drunk or sober, do have a right to meet their prime minister. In New Delhi, it’s become a security issue.

And you thought the story of Metro officials setting a monkey to scare other monkeys away was the funniest story in New Delhi.

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