August 11, 2006Security

If terrorists attack on Independence Day

They are enemies of the Indian state

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It may lack the drama of London, but Delhi police have notched a success of their own.

Delhi police on Thursday night foiled a possible terrorist plot to subvert Independence Day celebrations following the arrest of two Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists, including a Pakistani, near the New Delhi Railway station.

Anaz, hailing from Islamabad, and Abrar Ahmed, a resident of Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh, were nabbed by Special Cell sleuths of the Delhi Police outside Ajmeri Gate terminal of the New Delhi Railway station.

The duo, who disembarked from the Swaraj Express at platform number eight of the crowded station, were about to get into an autorickshaw when they landed in police nets, Deputy Police Commissioner (Special Cell) Alok Kumar told PTI, adding that about two kg RDX and five detenators were seized from them. [Rediff]The Americans have warned of possible terrorist attacks on India’s Independence Day but unless they have provided specific intelligence, such warnings don’t do much to improve security. [Update: The warning was hypothetical, says the US State Department. ]

But it is the terrorist attacks carried out on August 15th that challenge the apologists’ view that jihadi terrorism is only a response to communal riots. There is nothing remotely religious about India’s independence day. Those who carry out attacks on this day are simply enemies of the state. Not even the apologists can dispute that.

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