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Weekday Squib: Train snatching

This one chugged along the cuckoo’s nest

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Pakistan Railways’ shunting locomotive No 6604 was hijacked. Twenty five minutes, three stations and a near miss later, Madhan Lal Thakur, the hijacker, is arrested. An Indian” from the state of Hyderabad”, according to a railway police official. A terrorist, perhaps.

Not true, says Jabli, a resident of Hyderabad (city in Pakistan’s Sindh province). Madhan Lal, her husband, is a Pakistani citizen who was supposed to be at a mental asylum until they saw him on TV.

Madhan Lal Thakur is the son of Govind Lal a railways coolie. When asked by reporters in Karachi whether he supported LK Advani he answered that he was a Pakistani who was willing to give up his life for his country. As he spoke to reporters, he smoked a cigarette and swayed ever so slightly as if under the influence of something. “I moved the engine with my mind,” he said, adding that he learnt how to drive a train from a man named Ashraf who repaired buses and trucks. [DT]

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