August 28, 2006Foreign Affairs

Only a 91 word article

America does not care much about Bugti’s killing

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Pakistani politicians are aghast. Newspaper editors think it does not bode well. But Musharraf is unapologetic. [Related post over at The Glasshouse]

Amid all this, Dawn carries a report titled: 91-word NYT report on Bugti’s death. The report details how little space American newspapers devoted to Bugti’s death. If the New York Times article was 91 words long, the report points out, the other big US newspapers were even more brief. And why, the Chicago Tribune and the Christian Science Monitor didn’t even report the killing.

Reading the tea leaves to divine Washington’s position is an old Pakistani ritual. In this case, the Dawn is hinting that the United States is not about to squeeze Musharraf on his handling of Balochistan. But of course.

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