September 5, 2006Security

A desperate man in a desperate moment

Will go to war counting on a paradox

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Praveen Swami warns that the crisis in Balochistan may drive Gen Musharraf to the wall, causing him to initiate another Kargil in order to save his skin.

Could a General this time be sacrificed for the Pakistani military’s errors of judgment? Perhaps. General Musharraf is, more likely than not, aware of the abyss that lies ahead.

In a desperate moment, a desperate man could well undertake desperate actions, driven by the desperate belief that a small war in South Asia is an acceptable price for survival. India’s strategic establishments will have to watch the events in Pakistan with the greatest possible care — and respond with the greatest possible caution. [The Hindu]And you were counting on the peace process’ to lead to peace?

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