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More Janusharraf

The many forks of the general’s tongue

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More exercise for those who want to figure out just where Musharraf stands on a given matter.

Bemoaning the tendency of his countrymen to be India-centric,” in comparing everything in the country with India, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf told a group of senior journalists at his Rawalpindi camp office on Friday last: They [the Indians] are going in a different direction and we are going in a different direction.” [The Hindu, March 9th 2006]

Misgivings were not unwarranted and these comments were perhaps intended for President Bush’s consumption.

President Gen Pervez Musharraf has said that India must accept Pakistan as its equal for peace in the region.

“I respect the Indian prime minister but it is regrettable that India wants to keep its domination in the region and wants Pakistan to be a weaker force. India should come out of its phobia of being a greater nation and should talk to us at an equal level,” Gen Musharraf said in an interview with a private TV channel on Monday.

“There are no separatist movements in Pakistan while in India 21 separatist movements are taking place, thus India should not consider us a weaker nation,” he said. [DT, October 24th, 2006]Pakistanis themselves seem to have tired of Musharraf’s schizophrenic utterances, as revealed by this scathing editorial in the Daily Times.

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