November 20, 2006Foreign Affairs

Jirga and counter-Jirga

Few Baloch sardars want to enter Musharraf’s tent

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Soon after the Musharraf regime murdered Nawab Akbar Bugti, Balochistan’s feudal leaders—led by the Khan of Kalat—organised a grand jirga that, among others, decided to approach the International Court of Justice to challenge Balochistan’s accession to Pakistan. (Via Varnam: How Pakistan took over Balochistan). Regardless of the feasibility of what it decided, the jirga was successful in bringing together the normally feuding feudals (literally) under one roof.

The Musharraf regime then decided to organise its own counter-Jirga. And it failed. In the end Musharraf met some Baloch notables’ during his trip to Gwadar last week. Some pro-Musharraf politicians from Sindh were brought in to strengthen the number of Baloch sardars in the audience._The Glasshouse_ recounts the affair. The Baloch people observed a black day.

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