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Partition denier

An old non-starter is brought back into discourse

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Rajinder Puri might even be right when he points out that the root cause of Partition was Britain’s geopolitical interests. But surely it is folly to think that undoing partition is in India’s.

Only after the real cause of Partition is recognized can steps be taken to undo the evil effects of history. If the governments of India and Pakistan sincerely seek normalization, they must first commit themselves to creating a South Asian Confederation for fruition within, say, five years. Once that commitment is public the enemies of Indo-Pakistan normalization would know what they are up against. Only then might both nations move forward, step by resolute step, to reach their goal. Enemies will always derail movement on an uncharted course. [Outlook]

The idea that any part of India has to be jointly supervised by Pakistan itself is repugnant. So what do you say to those who think that the all of India should enter into some form of political integration with Pakistan. Atal Bihari Vajpayee floated it when he was prime minister. And if Rajinder Puri’s analysis is correct, so is Dr Manmohan Singh. What do they smoke up there?

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