January 11, 2007Foreign Affairs

Musharraf & Mugabe (and those jihadis in Somalia)

Pakistan is up to its usual mischief…now, in Africa.

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Dictators against discrimination

Pakistan is offering military assistance to Robert Mugabe’s army. Not only are Pakistani military advisors helping Mugabe shore up his army, but they are also helping him with the air force. Why, many would reasonably wonder, does Zimbabwe need to strengthen its air force in the first place? Zimbabwe does not. Mugabe, on the other hand does. That’s because he has been using it to quell mass protests, so far, at least by monitoring ground movements of protestors. But with some recently-sharpened Pakistani military skill sets, it is quite possible that he’ll be using helicopter gunships and fighter aircraft to shoot down his own citizens. The Zimbabwe’s main opposition party accused Mugabe of importing gunmen, not grain”.

This advertisement of fraternal values should cause the old Ostrich to pause—completely halt, actually—for thought.

Meanwhile in Somalia

Elements in Pakistani intelligence along with Pakistani private entities and charitable funds were also suspected not only of financing some religious organizations but of favoring the illegal entry into Somalia of terrorists from Afghanistan.’ [M&C]

Activities of those elements’, private entities’, and charitable funds represents the principal danger to many countries today. Some Pakistanis have already been arrested in Mogadishu, after American-backed-Ethiopians took back the Somalian capital from the hands of the radical Islamic regime. Reports indicate that they were tableeghis” (religious evangelists). But the Daily Times suspects:

Under the circumstances, it would be very embarrassing for Pakistan if it is found that the ‘Pakistani’ jihadists in Somalia had been to Waziristan before going to Somalia; or that the ‘Britons’ were also of Pakistani origin. [DT]

And that’s to say nothing of Darfur.

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