January 15, 2007Public Policy

No Holi day

Secular holidays lose out to religious ones…in the name of secularism’

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

The Pioneer blames the UPA government for dropping Holi from the list of compulsory public holidays for 2007. It notices minority appeasement—’a strange parity in keeping with its perverse notion of secularism’ and to pander to the clergy-dominated Muslim leadership’—behind the government’s decision to offer equal number of public holidays to Hindus and Muslims (five each).

One cannot but notice that with a policy based on this style of secularism, it is the festival with the least religious colour (pun unintended) that gets left out of the list. A government committed to true secularism would have encouraged occasions where people could get together and have fun. Instead, apart from the political anniversaries, all you have left are unambiguously religious ones.

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