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Poor Gordon

Why did it have to happen when he was in India?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Gordon Brown, Britain’s would-be prime minister, must be cursing his luck. Here he is minding his own business and doing an official trip to India—smile, have photograph taken, give speech, that kind of stuff—and along comes this freakish controversy involving an Indian actress, a British television show and racism. Right out of GreatBong, it would appear. But sadly for Brown, it’s also true.

And if public outrage at home and in India were not enough, the Indian government—which can remain silent when up to a hundred of its Muslim citizens (non-celebrities, of course) are arrested for praying illegally in Saudi Arabia—pitched in even as Gordon Brown was meeting software engineers in Bangalore. At least two ministers and one foreign office spokesman have found it necessary to remind the British government to follow its own laws. The Indian government has promised to take appropriate measures’. So it should. One of those measures should be not to make this into a big issue.

Update: GreatBong sends it to the cleaners.

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