March 1, 2007Foreign Affairs

Seating India and China in the new world order

The new world order will have to unseat some incumbents in order to seat newcomers

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Dan Drezner’s essay in Foreign Affairs is timely. He not only argues that international organisations will have to accomodate India and China to stay relevant, but also that under the Bush administration Washington (has attempted) to reconfigure U.S. foreign policy and international institutions in order to account for shifts in the global distribution of power”

The growth of India, China, and other rising powers] will pose a challenge to the U.S.-dominated global institutions that have been in place since the 1940s. At the behest of Washington, these multilateral regimes have promoted trade liberalization, open capital markets, and nuclear nonproliferation, ensuring relative peace and prosperity for six decades — and untold benefits for the United States. But unless rising powers such as China and India are incorporated into this framework, the future of these international regimes will be uncomfortably uncertain…

The Bush administration has been reallocating the resources of the executive branch to focus on emerging powers. In an attempt to ensure that these countries buy into the core tenets of the U.S.-created world order, Washington has tried to bolster their profiles in forums ranging from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the World Health Organization, on issues as diverse as nuclear proliferation, monetary relations, and the environment. Because these efforts have focused more on so-called low politics than on the global war on terrorism, they have flown under the radar of many observers. But in fact, George W. Bush has revived George H. W. Bush’s call for a new world order” — by creating, in effect, a new new world order. [Dan Drezner/Foreign Affairs]

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