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Jakarta was given notice of the missile test

Friendly reminders needed

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The Indonesian aviation authorities were full of rightful indignation. India’s ballistic missile test, they claimed. had disrupted international flight schedules and caused financial losses. They sought to summon the Indian ambassador and demand an explanation.

But they didn’t have to wait. India’s foreign ministry clarified:

A notice was sent a week before the test by the Indian civil aviation authorities to ATC, Jakarta, and other ATCs in the region informing them about the launch window dates, danger time, zone and height. The ATCs were requested to take action to issue the NOTAM (Notice to Aviators and Mariners).” [TOI]

The Indonesians are testy about civil aviation in the light of recent controversies over air safety in their country. Making a big deal about the missile test has now backfired on them.

Notwithstanding Jakarta’s omissions, it stands to reason that communication between the aviation administrations of India and the countries in the region must be improved. Perhaps there is a need for friendly reminders. India can ill afford an accident even it were due to another country’s mistake.

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