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Abraham was from Andhra

The All India Telugu Conference turns up an astonishing piece of research

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It was astonishing enough when a remote tribe from North Eastern India was discovered to be one of the lost tribes of Israel. Now one scholar from the Potti Sriramulu Telugu University has produced arguments that contend that the Israelites of the Old Testament might have started their journey from Andhra Pradesh.

Quoting several such examples Ms. Samyuktha said there was sufficient proof to link those Sumerian cultures with the Telugus. Hebrew, Sumerian and Assyrian records abound in such descriptions and suggest that the present Israelis belonged to Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Samyuktha argues that Kamakur village in Balayapalli mandal of Nellore district still has 21 Jewish families. Only they are not even aware that they are Jews. She is one among them and her first name Kooniah could be found in Hebrew as Koni, she says.[The Hindu]Telugutanam has more details.

The findings do look, shall we say, outlandish. But intriguing.

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