June 16, 2007Foreign Affairs

Tokyo is better than the Pakistani navy

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This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Two ships of the Pakistani navy are on a tour of East Asia. PNS Moawin and PNS Babur have been dropping in at friendly ports at Brunei, Shanghai (where China launched a postage stamp in commemoration) and Tokyo. For training and goodwill and those sort of things. The highlight of the Tokyo trip was a tour of the Akihabara district. If it included Rappongi—where there is a lot of goodwill to be had— they are not telling. Anyway, the Pakistani sailors liked it so much that 11 of their company perhaps decided that they’d rather stay on in Japan. The ships left without them, not before distressing their hosts, fussy as they are about neatness.

Separately, Kyodo News said the Japan Coast Guard complained that one of the Pakistani ships accidentally discharged water contaminated with oil and sewage, causing a two-kilometre spill that was cleaned up. [DT]

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