June 26, 2007Public Policy

You can make her President…

But you can’t make us respect her!

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Let’s be blunt. The choice of Pratibha Patil as the presidential candidate is the latest and the most brazen act of cynicism that the UPA government has inflicted on the citizens of this nation. Forget the comments she made about Emergency-era population policies during the Emergency. People can change. It would even be excusable if she was person of inconsequence, the other objection that has been made to her candidature.

But there is no way, absolutely no way, you can ignore the unethical, corrupt and perhaps criminal way in which she presided over the affairs of her co-operative bank, her sugar mill and her engineering college. She does not deserve to be president. Not under a shadow of doubt that is this dark. Not without answering the charges that have been made against her. Instead of making this point, The Indian Express has found it expedient to put a gloss of candidates’ history is no longer beyond public scrutiny” over the issue. Perhaps it has reckoned that given the manner in which the president is elected, there is little to be had in antagonising the future Supreme Commander.

Since it came to power in 2004, the UPA government has done much to rob Indians of hope. Now, by foisting a candidate like Pratibha Patil, it is robbing them of something more.

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