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Weekday Squib: Nimitz on our soil

Count on the comrades to offer comic relief

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

One of the most absurd events reported in the last few days is the docking of the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, off the port of Chennai. One group attempted to create a stink by pointing to radiation danger—never mind that American sailors have not been known to develop extra digits on their limbs, and never mind that millions of people in Chennai peacefully co-exist with the nuclear power reactors in the vicinity. The good folk at Chennai know that Buckingham canal and falling cut-outs of politicians and movie-stars present a greater risk to public safety than nuclear-powered American ships.

But it is the Communists who get the prize for absurdity. Their dislike for America, just like their love for China and the Soviet Union, knows no bounds—certainly not such niceties as patriotism or national interest. They deserve our contempt. They also deserve to be laughed at. Especially when their slogan goes: “Nuclear ship, America ship, we won’t allow it on Indian soil!”.

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