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Of misinformed scepticism about Pakistan

Where’s the context, James?

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Indicast’s Abhishek Kumar interviews James Astill, The Economist’s South Asia bureau chief (via Patrix):

(Astill) feels that an average Pakistani citizen is more aware of his Indian counterpart than vice versa. His experience with the two countries tells him that there is a huge amount of misinformed scepticism among the Indians about Pakistan. [Indicast]

Now let’s see why Indians tend to be sceptical about Pakistan? Hmm…how about those terrorists that are trained and sent across from Pakistan? Or…how Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan? Or…how the Kargil war was carried out by mujahideen?

If the misinformed—“they fly kites during Basant in Lahore”—is huge. The informed scepticism is huger.

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