August 19, 2007Foreign Affairs

Uranium prospecting in Niger

Private and confidential

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And here’s something interesting. A private Indian company has won exclusive mining rights in Niger, a country rich in uranium. It’s also not a member of the Nuclear Supplier Group cartel.

Taurian Resources Private Limited, Mumbai, a Rs. 300-crore company, has recently won a contract which gives it exclusive rights over 3,000 sq. km. of the Sahara Desert known to be rich in deposits of uranium. According to the estimates of the Managing Director of the company, Sachin Bajla, the area is likely to hold at least 30,000 tonnes of uranium which, he says, “should be enough to meet India’s requirement for the next 1,000 years” Against huge odds, Taurian won a permit to search for uranium in the Arlit region of Niger for an undisclosed amount. [The Hindu]

It’s possible that some will snigger and point to some behind-the-scenes involvement by India. That’s possible. But such a view discounts the talent Indians have for the good old export-import” business.

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