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Allow farmers to sell their land

But first, give them clear title

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Aadisht Khanna has a good piece on why sometimes well-meaning but terribly misguided ideas are standing in the way of solving the problems plaguing Indian small farmers.

But if farmers sell their land, how will we grow food?!

I could reiterate (the) argument that we could just import it from the Americans, but since people think that ’self-sufficiency’ is the killer retort to this, I will respond to this objection at a more fundamental level.

The most important point of allowing the free sale of agricultural land is not that agricultural land will be sold. It’s that agricultural land can be used as collateral. [SCF(w)O]

The next time some NGO solicits your support on improving the condition’ of India’s farmers, here’s what you should ask them: Do you support giving clear land titles to farmers that allow them to sell their land to whoever they like?” If your NGO says No”, then you should show them the door.

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