October 13, 2007Public Policy

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh, please resign

…and use your last chance to retain your reputation for integrity

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

The charitable explanation of your record as prime minister is that you were hobbled by a coalition with the Communists, constrained by cynical communal socialists of the Congress party, compelled to tolerate incompetents and criminals in your Cabinet and that you were only a Lorem Ipsum for the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Nevertheless, you yourself are a man of integrity.

Your record is miserable. The India-US nuclear deal was to be a redeeming feature of your term. But that too has been sacrificed—not because you weighed in on the side of those who felt this was against India’s long-term interests, but because your government lost to the Communists in a game of chicken.

Don’t shatter the illusions of hundreds of millions of people who overlook the follies of your government because they take your sincerity at face value. Please resign, and through the manner of your exit, prove your critics—The Acorn among them—wrong.

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