October 28, 2007Aside

Sunday Levity: Where’s the visa?

Government rules require you to have one

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

The traveller arrived at the five-star hotel close to midnight. His Indian passport was in his shirt pocket. The hotel receptionist checked him in, doing the usual thing with the credit card, frequent flyer card and passport. The guest was shown into the room.

Minutes later, the receptionist called the guest. Would he kindly let them have the passport again for they seemed to have missed a detail. The bellboy came up to pick up the passport, promising to return in five minutes.

The five minutes extended to thirty. Keen to hit the sack after a long flight, and still seeing no sign of the passport, the guest called the reception, to be told that they couldn’t find the visa number.

Visa number? What visa number?” asked the guest.

Indian visa, sir”, replied the receptionist. Very politely.

Ah!”, said the guest. But you do see that it’s an Indian passport, do you?”

Yes sir, but government rules require us to note down the visa number, sir” came the polite reply. We can’t find the visa sir”

Put me to your manager please!”

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