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Pragati January 2008: 17 ways in which India can be a better country

Issue 10 - Jan 2008

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Issue Contents


A wishlist for 2008 Amit Varma

Seventeen ways in which India could be a better country

Pakistan zindabad! Nitin Pai

India’s new challenge is to steady Pakistan’s boat

Regaining the horizon Siddharth Singh

Smart power and the domestication of foreign policy


The Broken Arrow problem; Al Qaeda at the ISI gate; Arctic landgrabs set a precedent for Lunar ones; Moral responsibility for global warming


PRS Legislative Research: Parliament in 2007 & Winter Session wrap-up


Sovereign, wealthy and ready to invest Mukul G Asher

Sovereign wealth funds and the challenges for India


The new citizens Ravikiran Rao

Politics in the time of urbanisation

Quick to blame IT Prasanna Vishwanathan

The IT industry has become the favourite whipping boy of the Left-liberal types

Claiming a piece of the future Rajesh Jain

How India can lead in tomorrow’s technology world


Living with the Bomb Ashutosh Jogalekar

A review of Joseph Cirincione’s book Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons

The Dukes of Herat Manish Vij

A review of Mike Nichols’ film Charlie Wilson’s War

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