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Musharraf’s favourite word

The First Person of Pakistan

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Der Spiegel interviewed Musharraf recently. Here is the last question:

SPIEGEL: Are there any circumstances under which you could imagine resigning from your post as president?

Musharraf: Yes.


Musharraf: First of all, there is my own disposition. Following the developments of the last seven or eight months, to resign would be the easiest thing. I like playing golf, bridge and tennis, and I feel like socializing more often than is possible in my position. I like relaxing. Believe me: On the day I think the people, the majority, don’t want me any more and the day I think I have no contribution to make to this country, I will not wait a second. I will leave. [Spiegel Online emphasis added]So it’s all up to him.

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