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Pragati July 2008: A better connection with Israel

Issue 15 - Jun 2008

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Issue Contents


Adamant for drift, solid for fluidity”

India needs leadership and a renaissance in its foreign policy

Harsh V Pant

Business interests vs national interests

As Indian companies grow abroad

Sameer Wagle & Gaurav Sabnis

The myth of illiberal capitalism

Multi-polarity, democracy and what the US might do about them

Dhruva Jaishankar


A survey of think-tanks

The post-American world; Asian geopolitics

Vijay Vikram


The India-Israel imperative

Indo-Judeo commonalities: the symbolic and the substantive

Martin Sherman


Fruits of knowledge

Apply knowledge-economy processes for food security

Mukul G Asher & Amarendu Nandy

Needed: A new monsoon strategy

The focus should be on groundwater recharge

Tushaar Shah


Know your consumer?

A review of Rama Bijapurkar’s We are like that only

Aadisht Khanna

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