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Weekday Squib: Ustad Stolichnov Satyaranjit Pandey has a blog

…along with his dad, mom, and twenty-one (declared) siblings

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Now Acharya Somuchidononanda Pandey and this blogger have had long, deep discussions of an undisclosable nature on matters concerning world peace, foreign policy and Valentina Demetrieva, his erudite wife. Dr Pandey, as many of you might know, is Stolichnov’s father. Ustad Stolichnov Satyaranjit Pandey, as many of you might also know, hails from the Zagreb gharana of Hindustani classical music, and is the only known person who can play all string instruments known to man (and most of those known to woman).

Dr Pandey senior is known to disclaim knowledge of ever having a son named Stolichnov Satyaranjit. But that’s their internal family matter and doesn’t concern us.

In any case, this is to announce to all readers that the Pandey family has a new blog. One of the first posts is by Boris Bhartriraj, on—what else—power projection.

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