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On trying Kasab

The best prosecution and the best defence

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman is a terrorist who was caught red-handed by the police. He is very likely a trained covert operative and is likely to exploit the Indian media and through it, the legal process, to his advantage. In time, a coterie of jihadi apologists might rise to obfuscate his crime. Politicians might use his case as a political football.

Yet, none of these is good enough a reason to deny him proper legal representation and a fair trial. Quite the contrary—this case deserves an exemplary prosecution and an exemplary defence. And should he be found guilty after an exemplary judicial process, he deserves exemplary punishment. (See Salil Tripathi’s piece).

America’s greatest mistake after 9/11 was Guantanamo Bay. India should not make the same mistake.

Update: Ram Jethmalani says lawyers cannot refuse to take the case, and, a person who thinks that by doing these actions, he is going to heaven he should be denied the chance to go to heaven, he should remain the rest of life in a jail in India.”

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