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Always, the nagging doubt

A tale of our times

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

Raj writes:

(The private detective said:)…Soon after dinner, they walked out of the restaurant together, took the elevator and went up to a deluxe suite on the 3rd floor. The elevator operator told us later that they were locked in a tight embrace throughout the journey up. He also photographed them going into the deluxe suite.

We had positioned one of our spotters at a cafe across the road from where he had a good view of the window of the deluxe suite. Through the light falling on the curtains, he caught the silhouette of the pair kissing each other. Here’s a photograph of that too.”

At this stage, the husband stopped the detective, What happened next? What happened next?” [Plus Ultra]

What happened next? Go find out for yourself.

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