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An Oxford education helps

…when holding up the jihadi end

This is an archived blog post from The Acorn.

The reason is that I’m not a target for the extremists because from day one I opposed the War on Terror. The terrorists don’t consider me one of the American puppet politicians in Pakistan.”

From the moment he heard the news about this week’s attack in Lahore, he was convinced that Pakistani extremists were being made the scapegoats….In his view a foreign element” was almost certainly involved. It could be India, Afghanistan, the Tamil Tigers. The motive is to damage the state of Pakistan and end cricket here. The shocking thing is that there was so little security for the players.”

H e denies that Pakistan is now a breeding ground for terrorists. The madrassas may be producing fundamentalists but there is a difference between fundamentalists and militant extremists.”

He says he does not condone suicide bombing. Suicide bombing is a result of extreme desperation where you have such hatred and anger that you are willing to use your body as a weapon. God forbid anything happened to my family but I can understand that if something happens to your dear ones then in anger…” [Times Online]You see Imran Khan is one of those people—like Pervez Musharraf was—who seems almost reasonable because he is so presentable to middle-class drawing rooms. Take out the face, the voice and the identity of the speaker. Just look at the words in cold print, and you realise that the person saying them is an unvarnished apologist of jihadi terrorism, seeking to exploit the sympathy in Pakistani society for the jihadi cause (if not for their methods) into a platform that he can use to gain power. [He exploited religious outrage and he has expressed, err, rather quaint, views on the Indian psyche]

He is dangerous—just as General Musharraf was—because such a person is likely to have no compunctions about feeding the jihadi monster to stay in power.

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